Lotus Domino Implementation and Tuning – Mobile Solutions

Today, the usage of such technologies as e-mailing, WAP, GPRS, calendar, etc. via mobile devices (telephones, PDA) is common. Moreover, the sphere of these technologies extends from using on “entertainment” level to the business level.

IBM proposes the line of solutions based on Lotus/Domino for mobile users and wireless devices, from PIM (Personal Information Management) and emailing till PDA online-client working with Domino data. The product line develops swiftly with changing of product names and trade marks. These days there are the following directions of mentioned technologies:

o Synchronization of PIM and e-mail between PDA and Domino;

o Access to Domino data via PDA;

o PDA online-client for Domino data;

o SMS and SameTime support for wireless devices.

Now to solve the first direction of tasks IBM actively promotes IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access product. In this article we’ll concentrate on Red Book (sg246676.pdf) documentation.

WebSphere Everyplace Access can be used to synchronize PIM and e-mail with PDA and Domino. The product includes Everyplace Synchronization Server (ESS), which provide the synchronization. ESS represents a special adapter, working under WebSphere Portal Server, allowing secure connection with Domino server from 5.0.12 till 6.5.1. versions. AS a mobile client for ESS can be used IBM Everyplace client and native SyncML clients. For example, on PocketPC it is possible working with e-mail and PIM Domino, as via inbuilt browser as specially installed Everyplace Client. Everyplace Client has version as for PocketPC as for Palm OS.

IBM WebSphere Everyplace Access can be used not only for PDA and Domino conenction, it may as well synchronize:

o PIM and e-mail between PDA DominoQQ and MS Exchange Server (verions 5.5, 2000 and 2003);

o DB2 and PDA. In this case two components are used: DB2 Everyplace Synchronization Server and DB2 Everyplace database, which working on PDA;
o Oracle and PDA.

From the previous versions of IBM products practically used by the author, may be mentioned the followings:

o EasySync Pro and IBM Mobile Connect, assigned to synchronize PIM and e-mail between PDA and Domino. IBM Mobile Connect works on the server side, and EasySync Pro on client side;

o Domino Everyplace Access and Domino Everyplace Enterprise. The first allows accessing to specially designed Domino-applications via WAP. The second exepting the server part offers PDA-client, which has analogous functions without using WAP-browser;

o Sametime Everyplace and Domino Everyplace SMS. The first allows having access to Sametime functionality via WAP-browser. The second represents a sluice for bidirectional transformation between SMS and Domino email.

It should be mentioned here that in Domino Designer version 6 exists special “hide” option for mobile devices. This solution allows not transferring on mobile device side some volumetrical design elements (for ex. inbuilt views, sections, etc).

As a resume -IBM focusing attention on mobile devices and sees a serious potential market segment connected with this direction.

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