If Personal Records Are Lost, Replacements Can Be Found Through Missouri Vital Records

It’s unfortunate when a flood or other natural disaster comes through town, causing much destruction and tragedy. Some are worse than others, but big or small, it causes a certain level of pain for individuals and families. One of the worst things to lose in such a tragedy is family mementos and personal documents. While some priceless family treasures can never be replaced, certain documents can. If you need to get a birth certificate, then check Missouri vital records for a replacement.

In the state of Missouri, a person in need of a record like a birth, marriage, death or divorce needs to go through the Department of Health and Senior Services Bureau of Vital Records. They have a Vitalflow central database that records births and deaths going back to 1910, and marriages and divorces since 1948. For records from 1909 and before, then use the Missouri State Archives or the county clerk in the county the event took place. If a document is needed, it’s best to go in person to the local Department of Health office, except for the city of St. Louis, which must go to the Recorder of Deeds at City Hall. However, not anyone can retrieve this information. There are certain legal requirements to follow in order to get any information, as it isn’t public records.

* If you lose a birth certificate, you can get a replacement.
* Records go back to 1910 for births and deaths.
* It’s easy to do if you are the person needing the document.

* There are legal requirements to follow.
* It will be difficult to find a marriage record prior to 1948.

While it isn’t easy to experience tragedy, there was consolation that you can get replacement documents for your family through Missouri vital records.

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