Hunter PGP-ADJ Rotors

Hunter PGP-ADJ Rotor is such water spraying rotor that is requirement of every domestic user. You will not need this product if you don’t have a lawn in your house but if you have a lawn and you want to spray water to your lawn daily then this rotor is the best product for you. You will not be able to find such rotor in the market very easily. It is equipped with all those things that you will need in a rotor. After buying this rotor you will not need to buy any other rotor product. It has a sleek and stylish design that will allow you to add more beauty to your garden. Although this rotor is designed for domestic use but you can also use it for commercial use as well. For commercial use, you can use this rotor with big commercial rotors. The big commercial rotors will cover the large areas while this small Hunter PGP-ADJ Rotor will cover all the small regions and areas that are normally left by big rotors. There are so many features of this product that are described below in this article. The best thing is that you can buy it at a very economical price that will allow you to nourish your entire garden with a small machine that can be bought at very cheap rates.


– You get a set of nozzles with every rotor set that you purchase. You will not have to pay any additional charges for the nozzle set as it is included in the rotor package that you are going to buy.

– An instructional guide has been added with this rotor that will help you to use the rotor the way you want. You will be 토토사이트 able to learn about the feature and different aspects of the rotor with the help of this instructional guide.

– It is always required to adjust the rotor and its length. The added adjustment tool will help you to perform this task very easily.

– The adjustment of radius of the rotor is very important at times. Sometimes you have to spray a small area and sometimes you may need to spray a large area of ground. For this reason you can adjust the radius very easily.

– If your rotor’s design is not strong enough to withstand against an unexpected force or dirt particles then such rotor is of no use at all. Hunter PGP-ADJ Rotor is surrounded with rubber cover that provides it with ultimate protection.

– A radius adjustment screw is added in the shipment that will help you to adjust the radius of the rotor to cover a small or large area according to your choice.

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