Brain Fitness Exercises – Best Use of Your Mental Ability

Like everything with aging, the mental abilities such as retaining short and long term memories, thinking , planning and problem solving see a continuous decline if they remain unused. The only thing that distinguishes us from animals is our ability to think and if we start losing that, we are heading for disaster. People world over have been perturbed with this problem and there is a very simple solution to solve this.

The principle that applies to physical health also applies to mental health. Use it or loose it. If we do not keep our body in shape, we tend to suffer bodily problems. Same is the case with the synapse xt brain. Brain health is therefore a way to revive mental faculties and abilities before they slow down or die out. By following these simple exercises you will be able to keep your brain fertile for years to come.

  1. Sight – Every day try and remember an object or a person you had seen during the day. Then try and re draw that object/person as well as any details you can remember. The quality of the drawing is immaterial but detail is. This will exercise your short term memory. Try to draw the same object or material after a fortnight or 21 days. This will exercise your long term memory.
  2. Smell/Taste – when dining at a café or a restaurant, try and decipher the ingredients in your meal. Start with vegetables and then concentrate on the spices and herbs. Ask the waiter to confirm your perceptions and findings.
  3. Memory – Try and remember the name of dishes on the menu of your favorite restaurant. If you have already done so, then try the prices. You can also try to memorize your friends and their family names, birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  4. Hearing- Try memorizing the names of the callers before they identify themselves. Try to remember their phone numbers and test yourself after every fortnight or so.

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