The Restaurant City Secrets Series – The Top Ways to Make More Restaurant City Coins

To get almost anything done in the Facebook game, Restaurant City, you need plenty of game coins. There are many ways to accomplish this. Some are instantly clear to anyone who plays the game, but others are not. They’re almost Restaurant City secrets.

Cooking and serving food is the most obvious way to get coins in this game. You can surely earn some coins without much thought when cooking and serving food, but to earn the most coins for your efforts takes more thought. There are also several pitfalls to avoid. how to get free spins in coin master Here are two Restaurant City secrets for earning the maximum amount of coins while cooking.

Get Your Dishes to Level 10

It is important to get at least some of your dishes up to Level 10 as fast as you can. That’s because high level dishes make you many more coins when you cook and serve them.

High level dishes also earn you Gourmet Points. These are important because you need them to go up through the levels of the game. One benefit of reaching a higher level is that you can have a larger restaurant. A bigger restaurant means more customers, and more customers means more coins.

Lay Out Your Restaurant to Earn More Coins

Believe it or not, the layout of your restaurant has a major effect on your ability to earn coins through cooking. That’s because some layouts encourage potential customers to stay in the restaurant longer. This gives your staff more time to prepare and serve their food, which means more coins for you. A quality Restaurant City guide will show you the secrets to a layout that maximizes your earnings.

Knowing how to earn lots of coins is one of the keys to Restaurant City success. To learn about a quality guide that will reveal many more secrets than just the best ways to earn coins, please go to

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