Restaurant Logo Designs – Great Logo Designs That Creates a World Class Impression

A logo design is a graphical mark, symbol, or logo used to promote and identify public identification and awareness. It can be of a pictorial or abstract design or incorporate the full text of what it signifies such as in a logo stamp. It is sometimes accompanied by descriptive words like “used” or “owned”, “classed” or “famous”. Logo design has evolved from a simple mark or symbol used for advertising or corporate identity development to become a visual art form that manifests itself in varied forms of communication, art, literature and logo designs. The evolution of logo design has seen branding go digital and into the professional market, with the growth of corporate identity systems that use corporate logos to create an identifiable corporate image.

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A common mistake when designing a logo design is the use of bad typography. Typography refers to the typeset or fonts used to produce the output of a logo design. Poor typography results in a poor brand image as the font is not readable and will not help sell the company’s brand. As well as being visually unappealing, bad typography will mean that the logo mark will fail to stand out against the rest of the content on a website or in an email message. Poorly Typographed Logos Often times poorly typographic logos are used as source material to provide brand identity information to clients. For example a travel company might use a poorly designed logo to brand itself and the subsequent messages do not help sell the service.

Colour is often used to great effect in logo design trends. However colours that clash with your business colours (or contradict the message you wish to convey) are often used too. The primary rule of thumb when using colour in logo design is that darker the colour, the more impact it has on the audience. In reality, lighter colours are often used far more often as they are more “friendly” colours and therefore easier on the eyes

As well as ensuring that the typography and colour combinations are right, a well thought through logo design can also contribute towards establishing brand credibility and trust in potential customers. Brand credibility and trust are paramount in helping you build a loyal customer base. Research shows that a majority of people will recall and associate a brand name with that particular product or service. This allows you to have a better chance at developing a loyal customer base.

One great logo design that relates to the hospitality industry is that of the Great Food and Hospitality Company. This company’s logo design draws heavily on the red and white colours, which form part of its branding identity. In addition, the golden arches seen on the main page of their website are a further reference to the company name. In addition to this, they also use a mascot, a friendly fat cat. The Great Food and Hospitality Company use a lot of images to represent themselves and also give hints as to what type of activities they offer and where they are based. This kind of proactive strategy has seen them become extremely successful and well established in their field.

Another common theme found in many great logo designs is that of an environment which gives a feeling of warmth and friendliness. A lot of these concepts can be attributed to the hospitality sector and a lot of restaurant owners make use of these aspects when it comes to creating their branding identity. This aspect is also applied in the case of other kinds of businesses like restaurants, cafes, hotels, motels and boarding lodges. Some well known companies like McDonald’s have also incorporated cartoonish mascots in their logo designs. For example, they have the Happy Cow logo design or the Happy Cow playing an instrument which sounds like the word Happy.

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