The Importance of the Japanese Labour Export

Japanese exporters are very successful in procuring high-valued foreign labour, this is because they are able to negotiate favourable rates with their workers in the different countries. They can buy their products very cheaply from China and India and still make a decent profit. Because the Japanese work force is ageing, many of them are relocating to cities like Singapore and Hong Kong, which are more lucrative employment opportunities. The low cost of living in these Asian cities attracts large numbers of skilled workers from all over the world.

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The main aim of Japanese exporters is to sell their products in the most competitive way so that they can earn a good profit. They do this by paying their employees very low wages so that they can attract people from all over the world. They are successful in doing this because of the low cost of raw materials and the fact that the labour force is ageing. They have a monopoly in certain sectors of the labour market and are able to command very high prices for their goods vietproud.

There are many groups of people who can benefit from the Japanese labour export. The first category consists of the small and intermediate businessmen who need foreign technical and manual workers to help them develop their business. In the technological sphere, these professionals can use the experience and skills of their workers and help them develop their products. In addition, these exporters can utilise graduates who are fresh out of college and are looking for a chance to develop a career. They can also get agricultural workers who have finished their seasonal contracts and want to return to normal work or join the army.

The second category includes big corporations who import goods for resale. If they cannot afford to import it themselves, they require the expertise of foreign labour. These exporters can get a bargain from China and India as to how much they should pay for a particular item. They use these figures as a basis for negotiating with the suppliers.

The third category of people who can benefit from the Japanese labour export is the industry players. Chinese and Indian exporters can make a good profit on products that have already been manufactured in Japan. When the exporters get hold of these products, they can resell it at higher prices and make even more money. Since they have the know-how and expertise, the Japanese exporters can also help these industrialists modify the design or improve the quality of the products which are already on the market.

Japanese exporters can greatly contribute to global economic development by making available useful products which other countries would find hard to produce on their own. They have a number of joint ventures with other firms in different fields, so they can easily source out raw materials and components, and help to create infrastructure. For instance, they can train engineers of foreign origin, so that they can work in construction sites in Japan. They can also help the military build bases in Japan. These firms can even help finance researches.

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