How to Choose the Right Magazine – Display Rack

Properly displaying literature can be very difficult if you are trying to display it on a table or trying to organize literature in stacks. The best way to display literature is by using a display or magazine rack. Display racks organize literature and make it easy to see and access. If you have decided to use a display rack, you may be a little overwhelmed due to the wide selection available.

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There are literally hundreds of different models to choose from. Display racks are primarily made from three different materials being wood, plastic and metal. Many racks utilize a combination of all three. Of these display racks, there are desktop, corner, freestanding, rotating and wall-hanging models. This article will explain the differences between the different types of display racks.

Wood is the most popular material used in display racks, often available in different wood stains. The front is usually made from some type of plastic, making the material inside easy to see and access. Wood is also very popular because it can fit it and match well with already existing wood furniture superstore racks in lahore. The wood trim can often be matched with existing furniture. These types of racks are very popular with magazines, brochures and other literature.

Plastic (also referred to as Acrylic) display racks are growing in popularity. Initially plastic display racks lost popularity due to cheap models that cracked and broke easily. They were also considered to be a safety risk due to broken plastic cutting skin. Most are now made from Polyethylene Terepthalate Glycol (PETG) plastic. This new plastic is safe and shatterproof, leading to the rise in popularity. Plastic display racks come in desktop, wall-mounted and corner designs.

Metal display racks are in lower demand than plastic or wood. These use wire to form pockets and shelves. These types of display racks are more common for displaying soft back books and DVDs. Metal wire display racks are commonly found in libraries, universities, schools and rental stores.

Freestanding and wall-mounted display racks are extremely popular formats. These are able to stand up on their own and can be placed anywhere floor space is available. Wall-mounted magazine racks can be hung on the wall. Both of these formats are typically used to hold a lot of literature. This can be a pamphlet / brochure, a magazine or a combination. Freestanding and wall-mounted racks are usually categorized by total “pockets.” Most people opt for a wall-mounted rack over a freestanding if space is an issue.

Tabletop display racks are also very popular, but for displaying a smaller amount of literature. They are great for use in doctors offices, retail stores and on desks that are seen regularly by the public. They are typically used to display brochures, although many models are designed to display both brochures and magazines.

Corner mounted magazine racks are one of the most clever uses of space. The corner space in a lobby or office is almost never utilized. If space is an issue, a corner mounted rack is a great option.

Rotating display racks are primarily ideal for use in a retail store or a library. These types of display racks hold a high volume of books. Because they rotate, all books can be easily accessed. Many rotating display / book racks are also set on casters, making them easy to move from one area to another.

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