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Pichau is a small harbour town on the eastern coast of Uruguay. It is very popular for its fishing, boating and surfing. Many visitors arrive in Pichau to stay at one of the many resorts on the coast, such as the Capurgana Resort and the Pichau Resort. However, there is another resort close by that deserves a closer look – the Pichau de Cupom de Deschoquet. This article takes a closer look at this unique hotel.

cupom de desconto pichau

The resort is located only a few kilometres from the town of Pichau. In fact it is only a few minutes away. The hotel is not as luxurious as the other resorts in the area, but it is no less spectacular. There are plenty of hotels in the area, but this one stands out because it is unusual and picturesque. The Hotel des Choquet is a refurbished 19th century French chalet that is one of the best preserved buildings in the area. The architecture and design of the building are kept as is, with a few minor restoration works.

The resort has a swimming pool, gym, sauna, bar and a restaurant. There is also a large outdoor pool that features a shady area and a pool box. The swimming pool offers a fantastic swimming experience with crystal clear water and lush vegetation. There are no bars or restaurants inside, but there is a bar outside cupom de desconto pichau. You can relax by the pool or take part in one of the activities available. The gym offers several types of fitness equipment and there are two swimming pools.

The restaurant in the hotel is very good. It offers a variety of dishes and you can ask for something special on request. The chefs often come prepared with a tasty meal that is perfect for your vacation. There is a bar where you can enjoy a nice cocktail after a long day exploring the beautiful countryside.

The spa area is very impressive. The steam bath is relaxing and it will give you a very good workout. There are a relaxing pool and an area where you can lay around and enjoy a good book. There are showers and saunas both, which are relaxing. There is also a Jacuzzi and steam bath.

There is a great choice of accommodation offered at this hotel. There are various types of rooms to choose from. There are double rooms, single rooms, family rooms and a luxury suite. There are also houses that have been converted into guest houses, giving you the option of staying in a traditional chalet or in a modern house.

Another very good thing about the Cupom de Descoto Resort is the excellent food served during the holiday. The dishes are excellent and the service is impeccable. You can order either a salad or a selection of main dishes and the meals are very affordable. You will be able to try a wide range of local and international dishes. There is an extensive range of international wines available on offer.

The resort has a lot of activities on offer. The guests do not need to leave the hotel grounds as there are many fun and interesting things to do. Some of the popular activities include trekking, sailing, scuba diving, horse riding and sailing. There is even a cinema in the village which shows some recent and older films.

If you are staying at the Cupom de Descoto Pichau, it is just a matter of time before you will be able to swim. They do offer swimming lessons for beginners and you can get this conducted on the sand. There is also a children’s pool and a wet bar, where refreshments are available. There is a gym available where you can work out and build up your muscles.

You will also find that the accommodation offers excellent room service and the staff are extremely hospitable. You will be able to find excellent spas such as jacuzzis and steam baths. Hot tubs are also available. These are located all over the village and all offer excellent services.

The hotels are clean, comfortable and relaxing. Guests are kept well supplied with food and wine. It is well worth choosing a hotel in this delightful little resort just to stay in. Your stay will be a memorable one and you will wish you had chosen it sooner!

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