How to Use 16 Basic Desires Theory to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

If you want to learn more about using motivation to stop smoking cigarettes, you might be interested in the 16 Basic Desires Theory. After studying the motivations of more than 6,000 people, Professor Steven Reiss came up with a theory suggesting that there were 16 basic desires inherent to human beings. Reiss, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at Ohio State University, arrived at his theory by using factor analysis to sort through responses to over 300 questions. If you want to stop smoking cigarettes but aren’t sure that you have a firm grasp of your own reasons to do so, here are sixteen possible motivators.

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The need for approval is strong in social animals such as human beings. As more and more people are turning away from cigarettes, they are naturally becoming less accepting of those that still smoke. Giving up tobacco will make you more accepted by people in general.


Although people vary strongly in their need to learn, most people are curious about their own potential. Aren’t you at least curious about how you will feel, either mentally or physically, if you stop smoking cigarettes?


This refers more to the need for food as fuel than food as pleasure, but if you enjoy eating it follows that you enjoy the taste of food ขายบุหรี่ไฟฟ้า. Without having your sense of taste and smell damaged by cigarette smoke, food will taste a lot better.


If you’re lucky enough to have people who love and care about you, they are probably worried about the damage you are doing to yourself by smoking. Giving up cigarettes will ease some of the stress of people close to you and deepen the bond you have with them.


This mostly refers to doing the right thing in the eyes of your culture/ethnic group, and there aren’t really a lot of cultures that have a moral prohibition against smoking cigarettes in particular. But being addicted to a foreign substance could be seen as a dishonourable way of living, and giving up will likely lead to considerable benefits to you in the area of self-esteem.


For me, I found that casting tobacco companies as evil drug peddlers gave me an additional motivation to quit. There is a sense of social injustice in it being legal to sell an addictive and deadly drug such as tobacco, and giving up is a way of sticking it to The Man.


This is an easy one for motivation. What could be more demeaning to be enslaved to a substance that you have to pay $50 or more a week for the displeasure of smoking? Giving up cigarettes will make you free from one of the few forms of slavery still approved by our government.


Every human has a desire for at least some order in the world and in their lives. Being addicted to tobacco means that your life is in partial chaos: you are not in control of your thoughts, as you are always thinking “Got to have another smoke”. Getting rid of the cigarettes will allow you to introduce more order into your mind.

Physical activity

You always feel better after getting some exercise, but it’s hard to enjoy it when you’re hacking your lungs out. If you stop smoking cigarettes you will be able to get much more pleasure out of sports, hiking and even just walking to the shops.


The desire to be able to exert some influence on reality might be the most fundamental one of all. A tobacco addict has little power: not even power over their own mind. Every time you light up, tell yourself that you are a slave to people who don’t care about you and the only way to get out of it is to throw the cigarettes away.


As far as fundamental desires go, the need for sex might be a close second to the will to power. If you are a smoker, there is nothing you could do that will make you more attractive than to give up smoking: your breath will be nicer, your skin will look younger, and you’ll be more happy and vibrant.


Humans are an animal for whom the capacity for resource acquisition is valued highly. Everyone needs to feel like they’re getting ahead financially, and having a cigarette addiction is a costly habit. Thinking about how much money you will save is a great reason to stop smoking cigarettes.

Social contact

This ties in with the need for approval; as a social animal, you will find it easier to make friends if you don’t smoke. Although there is a certain solidarity amongst smokers – especially as anti-smoking legislation becomes more and more vicious – not smoking will make you more of a person who other people want to associate with.


The perception of smokers is changing from strong-willed rebels to weak-willed junkies, and as it does the status of smokers will continue to decline. Giving up smoking will make you more of a person that others will respect and admire.


People like to feel safe, and part of that feeling comes from being safe from diseases. Every smoker knows that smoking is the worst thing that you can do for your health, so giving up will allow you to feel a sense of peacefulness that you wouldn’t otherwise get to feel.

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