What Asian Styles of Massage Can Do For You

Most people are unaware of the benefits that a therapist using Asian bodywork or Oriental Medicine. You may not have tried Asian bodywork also because you are unsure what it even is to begin with or the different styles offered.

One of the first things that comes to mind when talking about Asian bodywork is that only Asian people offer these techniques or you have seen a ‘shady’ Massage Parlor offering illegal services along with the massage. In fact Asian bodywork is practiced by every ethnic background currently. These practitioners went through rigorous schooling and certification and are offering these techniques to many areas including suburbs, rural areas and even by your home. If you are unsure about that therapist’s credentials simply ask for them. Elite Asian bodywork therapists are certified through the American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia, or the AOBTA.

Therapists using Asian styles utilize many different modalities including traditional techniques such as Swedish massage. Many Western techniques don’t utilize the use of ‘energy’ in their massage, mainly because it can be tough to think about it because you can’t actually see it Asian Massage service in new york. However, we all know about the central nervous system. Using Asian style theory you are doing the massage in such a way that leave the person balanced and not overly drowsy after a massage, even when providing Swedish massage.

Asian bodyworkers also utilize many modalities that are unique. Massage is documented thousands of years ago in China, before anywhere else. This means that ALL other massage comes from China somehow or another. The main type of massage utilized in China is Tui Na. Tui Na is a medical version of massage that has more therapeutic value and less ‘fluff’. Tui Na can be used to treat ailments, physical therapy, sports injuries and therapy, and provide orthopedic massage. Tui Na uses little-to-no oils, very little disrobing of clothes, and a unique set of hand techniques above and beyond just strokes. Tui Na uses Acupressure, stretching, traction, sports therapies, and deep tissue techniques using Oriental Medicine theory.

Acupressure is massage using acupoints on the body. Shiatsu is very close to Acupressure in a Japanese style, but is traditionally done on the floor. Acupressure can be practiced alone on the table or Tui Na can be used.

Reflexology uses different areas of the body like the foot, hand, and ear to treat these ‘reflex zones’ that will treat the whole body. The most popular type is foot reflexology. However, most foot reflexology is done by a therapist that took a single class on the subject and gives the client a simple foot rub. Genuine foot reflexology does not use lotions, crèmes or foot baths. Rather uses very special thumb and finger techniques to work the foot is a very specific direction and way. Ask your next therapist if you are going to get a genuine foot reflexology treatment.

I invite you to search for an Asian bodyworker in your area and try one of their unique treatments or ask for a consultation. More modalities can include Lomi Lomi, Thai Massage, Shiatsu and more.

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