Planting a Lawn That Will Last a Lifetime

Obtaining a fine lawn is usually a much more complicated matter than scattering seed or plucking weeds. Here is a plan for creating a long lasting and trouble free lawn:

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1. Determining the characteristics you need – before you select your seed formula, take into account the use to which your lawn will be put. Will it be a general-purpose area or will it be a showplace in your garden where you will strive for a putting-green lawn?

2. Selecting the right seed – once you have determined the characteristics you want your lawn to achieve, pay a visit to your local independent nursery. Each geographic area is unique and requires local knowledge of growing conditions and climate. They should have a good knowledge of your area unique weed pipes. Describe the ways in which you want to use your lawn and let them help you choose the best grass based on your needs. They should also be able to tell you what the ideal soil make up should be for that particular grass.

3. Have your soil analyzed – your local agricultural extension office ( will normally provide this type of testing and will give you instructions for collecting and sending in soil samples. They will then provide you with a report that shows the make up of your soil along with recommendations for nutrients and soil PH.

4. Add soil amendments – if necessary, based on the soil analysis, add the necessary nutrients to the soil and till them in thoroughly.

5. Sprinklers, drainage or grading – install any necessary sprinkler pipes and drainage systems and do the final grading.

6. Plant grass or lay sod – being sure to follow the instructions provided by the seller.

Except for lots where the living space outside is small and may have to be paved, the lawn will be the broad canvas on which you will paint your picture with shrubs, flowers, trees and walks. Keep it larger than any other area, certainly two or three times the width of your border areas and flower beds.

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