Teaching ESL – How Teaching English As a Second Language Can Be Interesting For Students

For those people that come from foreign countries, English is not usually their first language. Even though there are some that can speak English, there are others that cannot or have limited use of the English language. So for somewhere such as the United States, knowing the English language is mandatory in order to move ahead, no matter what state you live in.

Having a program such as English Second Language, or ESL as it is commonly known as, is a lifesaver for many foreigners that need further assistance with their English. Teachers that teach English second language have to present it so that students will stay interested.

Here are some ways that can be done:

  • In order for students to learn, they have to be involved in what the teacher is doing. Teaching English Second Language should include activities. Activities that are hands-on are a great way to get them excited and interested. The teacher can have games or find something that will help them stay focused.
  • Students need to interact with the teacher as much as they can. The teacher can also have them in groups  Language of desire or pair them up with other students. Mix up the groups and pairs. Don’t have the same kind of people in each group. Mixing it up can make it more challenging for the students.
  • When teaching English second language, teachers need to let their students know of their progress. Students usually like to make a good impression and will work hard to make corrections as needed.
  • When the teacher begins the class, it’s important for them to go over the previous day’s work so that it can stay fresh in the students’ minds.
  • Teaching English second language needs to have the teachers encouraging and implementing continuous positive feedback to their students, when warranted. The students like to know when they are doing well. This can be used as a motivator to make them want to do more, which they will probably do anyway.

Being able to implement these ideas and strategies for the students can help them go a long way. The teacher will also be pleased. It makes them feel good when they teach English second language to students that are receptive and have the desire to learn. It makes it so much easier on both parties.

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