Discover the Truth Behind Bad and Good Supplements

A common misconception, often touted by those who oppose the use of vitamins and herbal supplements, is that you get all the vitamins you need simply by eating properly. That’s virtually impossible to do. Scientists tell me that to get all the necessary vitamins and minerals our body needs for optimal health, that we would have to eat sixty-five pounds of food each day.

Our soil has been nutrient depleted for over 50 years. Add to that most of our fruit and vegetables have very little nutritional value because of chemical fertilization and pesticides. Then add preservatives to that it’s no wonder we get so few nutrients in our food.

So what’s the answer? The key is the right supplements. Many grocery store supplements are loaded with fillers, while they may be cheap, you may be wasting your money on unnecessary fillers. Also pill forms are not readily absorbed by the body.

Liquid healthy juices now line the organic shelves at the grocery store. While these are a better option, they can be very pricey and loaded with sugar. If they are not sugar based you will have trouble drinking them because of the awful taste.

A good supplement formula should do two things for you. The first thing it should do is give your body what it needs to feel good now! And second, it should help protect you from the wear and tear of aging!

Hundreds of studies reveal that pomegranates deliver one of the most powerful antioxidants available, even more powerful than red wine, cranberry juice and green tea.

Multiple studies show that the active ingredients in pomegranates help maintain healthy cholesterol.

The juice of the pomegranate has been the focus of numerous investigations centering upon the vascular and antioxidant effects on the human body.

“Pomegranate juice is the antioxidant of choice. It is very rich in polyphenols and demonstrates a high capability to scavenge free radicals and to inhibit, LDL oxidation in the vitro and in vivo.” (Clinical Nutrition (2002)23, 423-433 Elsevier Ltd.)

Pomegranates also provide minerals to the liver and assimilate vitamin A from your food intake.

While a pomegranate juice is a wonder heart healthy supplement, on it’s own is not enough to achieve optimal health.

We also need plant nutrients or herbal supplements. Scientists refer to the best as adaptogens.

Simply put adaptogens are plants that  Sonavel  help the body to adapt to stress at the cellular level.

What most people don’t realize is that stress is responsible for more than 80% of all illnesses. Yes, simple everyday stress! If you’re under physical or mental stress (who isn’t!), you use more nutrients and generate more acidic waste products than your body can process and dispose of.

Stress does more than just leave your stomach in knots and your head pounding. Get enough of it, and it can actually kill you!

Research shows that stress can lead to a whole host of illnesses including depression, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, brain atrophy and osteoporosis.

The daily onslaught chips away at your immune system opening the way to viral and bacterial infections, and even cancer. Stress eats away at your digestive tract and lung promoting ulcers and asthma. It weakens your heart, leading to stroke and disease. Is it any wonder why 80% of all illnesses are caused from stress!

The typical advice on how to lower stress is things like diet, exercise, breathing and relaxation techniques. But the right supplements can go a long way toward managing stress!

Dr. Brekhman in the 1940’s discovered adaptogens and have since been prized for their ability to help maintain optimal health thanks to their sustaining, invigorating and stress-fighting properties.

Seven Best Adaptogens

Eleuthero (Known as Siberian Ginseng)

May normalize body systems, reduce stress, increase stamina and work capacity.

Stemmancantha Carthamoides

May increase physical productivity, attention and work capacity, combat fatigue and exhaustion.


May improve muscular performance improve circulation and mental activity.

Rose Hips

May equalize body systems, provide antioxidants, multi-vitamin activity.


May increase stamina and endurance, improve memory and attention span, improve hearing acuity.

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