The Top 5 iPhone Apps to Help You Study

Today’s students have a big advantage over their predecessors: mobile smartphones. Using these remarkable devices, students have access to virtually any piece of knowledge that they can possibly hope to search for, right in their pocket. Let’s take a look at some applications for the iPhone that can help you further your scholarly pursuits相親香港.

New Oxford American Dictionary

English students should not think twice about downloading the New Oxford American Dictionary app for their iPhones. With over 350,000 of the most up-to-date words and phrases, you can’t possibly go wrong when searching for a particular word. Not only can you find the words that you need 相親, but you can read up on hundreds of notes which will explain exactly what each one means. You can download the latest edition of the app for your iPhone and simply look at it when you need to spell a word or find the meaning speed dating.

Convert – the Unit Calculator

Although this app is particularly useful for math and science students, it is a very handy iPhone app to have regardless of your major. You can converts units of area, time, volume, weight and many other measurements simply by entering the information and selecting the units you wish to convert it to. You won’t even have to switch apps to use an ordinary calculator because there is one built-in with this unit converter. It is regularly updated to give you all the latest conversions and details, so you’ll never be out-of-date!

Answers: Powered by Yahoo! Answers

Now you can find answers to all your questions by joining the answers community powered by Yahoo! Download the app and connect your iPhone (or iPod) in order to read the many answers that ordinary people have given to over 100 million different questions. You can browse several different categories in order to narrow down your search and find answers quicker; however, you could improve your general knowledge simply by looking through various questions that you find interesting. Unfortunately, you cannot ask or answer any questions yet with this app, but you can search for certain keywords and solve your problems very quickly.

Science Fact of the Day

With this app, you can download it to your iPhone and receive a fact about a certain aspect of science every single day. By taking a few seconds to read each fact, you will increase your knowledge of nature, the human body, planets and much more. This app is ideal for Science students as you can learn more about all areas of science and impress your classmates! You don’t need an internet connection to use this iPhone app, so you can read these interesting facts simply by downloading it.

15,000 Useful Phrases

This iPhone app allows you to find the perfect phrase for any essay or assignment that you have to complete. Even if you’re not an English student, you will often find yourself having to write certain essays for various projects. Medical students, law students and social care students often find themselves lost for words when completing essays and other pieces of writing. If you want to apply for certain courses, schemes, universities and jobs, you can impress those in charge simply by using impressive and appropriate language. However you choose to use it, this app will help you to expand your knowledge of the English language and its vocabulary.

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