Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Abroad

The field of Otolaryngology also referred to as ENT (ear, nose, and throat) describes a delicate medical field treating an important system in our body as well as head and neck disorders. Any ENT condition can potentially cause severe pain in multiple places, temporary or permanently damage one’s hearing and even cause trouble with a patients breathing.

Simple and common conditions such as chronic earaches, colds and sore throats cause misery for millions of us every year, as well as more serious conditions like sinus problems. People get used to these conditions and forget what it is like to breathe without congestion or live without chronic sinus pain, as they often treat their illnesses on a timely basis, believing they have no other choices.

Well, for some chronic diseases there are solutions and surgery may be one of them. If it’s a tonsillectomy, sinus surgery, ear implants and more, there are many ENT procedures that may help chronic patients. The problem arises when the patient cannot have the surgery and not improve their quality of life.

This can be due to high medical bills and the lack of proper medical insurance (or none at all), long waiting lists for the surgery and maybe even the fact that there is a higher level of expertise and more advanced research in a foreign country in the specific medical field. People travel abroad for many different kinds of medical surgeries, including ENT surgeries, as part of the global industry of Medical Tourism.

Medical Tourism
The phrase Medical tourism comes to describe the phenomena of patients traveling across national borders to undergo surgery or different medical treatments. As we explained the reasons above, the medical tourist will look for a realistic option for medical treatment abroad as he cannot properly receive it locally.

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As one might think that this is for certain types of surgery, patients will travel across the globe for any type of medical procedures available. Heart surgery, orthopedic replacement surgery, cancer treatments, cosmetic elective surgery and more, have all become accessible abroad thanks to a rapid improvement in transportation means and the fact that the internet has made everything closer with just one click on the mouse.

People are traveling for medical treatments to countries like Mexico, Thailand, India, Costa Rica, Malaysia and even to Australia, Germany and Israel, countries that all have healthcare systems and hospitals up to par with the American healthcare system. It can be for a simple or complex surgery, a diagnosing and second opinions, prolong treatments and more. This also includes of course ENT surgeries ophtalmologues Courbevoie.

ENT Surgery Abroad
There are many different types of ENT conditions that may bring on the recommendation for surgery (also after more traditional treatment methods or medication have failed).

It can be a surgery to repair a patient’s sinuses, a surgery to help one’s hearing (a Cochlear implant or an ear drum repair), to treat ear infections (Grommet Insertion) or to removal tonsils, polyps or glands. Whatever ENT surgery it is, patients can choose to undergo the operation abroad instead of in their own country; this includes pediatric surgeries as well. In an age of which the medical gaps are constantly closing, a patient can receive the same medical care for much lower prices.

So how will one inquire about this possibility? It’s all available online. The patient (or a patient’s parents) may do the research themselves and look for a preferred destination country, a credible hospital and an experienced surgeon or they can turn to a professional medical tourism facilitator who will assist them with all their needs and preferences and accompany them through their medical journey.

If for example a patient will be traveling to a country in Latin America for sinus surgery, the patient will arrive in the hospital where he or she will be accepted by their attending doctor who will go over all the details of the procedure and send him to the proper preliminary tests for the surgery. The surgery will be performed within a few days of the arrival followed by recuperation period at a proper recovery facility. The patient will of course receive specific orders from the surgeon, post-surgery medication and follow-up instructions.

One of the advantages of medical tourism is the option of touring after the surgery and recovery process is over, if the patient chooses to. One can also enjoy a relaxing or adventurous vacation after the recovery period is over.

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