The Truth About The Yogurt Diet

In this modern age of information explosion, we are not only showered by facts but by fallacies as well. Over the internet, we have seen so many misconceptions and so many contradictions regarding weight loss that choosing what to believe in may just be as hard as the diet process itself! However, thanks to real dietitians and fitness experts, we get to see the light in the end of the tunnel. Here are some things you must know on the famous yogurt weight loss plan.

A yogurt diet sounds pretty tempting, right? A healthy snack in cups that can help you shed off pounds, it is available anywhere and very easy to carry. You must have heard of socialites and fashion gurus living off on mainly yogurt and deemed their figures tempting. You might have thought, finally! Here comes diet that involves a wonderful tasty snack! That alone could have pushed you to try this so-called yogurt diet.

However, as previously mentioned, because of the many misconceptions that muddle the real facts on the internet, dissecting truths from faults can be a really tough job. The question now is: Will the yogurt diet work effectively? Answer: Fitness experts do not think so. There are many fattening food products out there that claim to be healthy and perceived as such by many. Some of these are whole wheat products, cereals, low calorie snacks, fake sugar, yogurt and many more.

To break down the truth of the matter, most commercialized “healthy” food snacks aren’t healthy at all! Just because they say zero fat or low calories, it doesn’t mean that you can eat it without gaining weight. The key to Sonus Complete is that one, sugar is your number one enemy and two, avoid diet opponent number two, processed foods. Both enemies are present in yogurt so you can only imagine how bad it is for your weight loss plan.

If you are to eat yogurt, make sure to read the ingredients. You might want to consider eating it “fresh” as well, in a yogurt store or restaurant and not in a cup. These yogurts in a cup are already processed and may have harmful chemicals in them. Taking in chemicals give your liver extra work, and when it’s busy filtering the unhealthy liquids, your liver won’t have time to burn your fats and you wouldn’t want that.

Try replacing your yogurt snacks with real and fresh fruit slices instead. Although they are not as easy to carry, you can place fruit slices in a tupperware and put a little amount of water to keep them fresh. Or you can try to blend them with a juicer and carry it around in your flask, bottle or jug.

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