What You Must Know About Prostate Cancer

The prostate’s role in the male reproductive system is to produce the liquid that sperms come in during ejaculation. Studies have shown that cancer on this gland is the most prevalent among men, especially so among older ones, who do not normally experience or perceive the symptoms of prostate cancer. The source of the cancer is a malignant tumor, which can progress past the prostate and spread to other body parts by way of the lymphatic system. If found on the outer part of the prostate, a tumor has a bigger chance of being malignant.

As common as the disease is, symptoms of prostate cancer are not at all common in its early stages. More than half the older men who have prostate cancer have no symptoms. Victims more likely experience symptoms when the cancer grows, enlarging the gland and narrowing the urethra. Then, such prostate symptoms concerning urinary irregularities such as hesitancy, nocturia, dysuria, and hematuria occur. Other symptoms of prostate cancer are hematospermia and bone pain.

The same prostate symptoms may be brought forth by other diseases, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, and urinary tract infection. They can also elicit prostate symptoms including the irregular flow of urine and a feeling that the bladder is never empty. A man’s sex life may also suffer because of such symptoms of prostate cancer as difficulty in having an erection and ejaculation pain.

If the cancer spreads to other areas of the body, other prostate symptoms can develop. Symptoms of prostate cancer prostate protocol reviews 2021that indicate a possible metastasis of the disease are weight loss, consistent bone pain, and swollen lower extremities.

Studies have not yet pinpointed the true cause of prostate cancer, but they have theories about the following factors possibly causing a higher risk for the disease:

· Being over 50

· Being from a family with history of the disease

· Being of a certain ethnicity that is more prone to the disease

It is best to consult a physician as soon as symptoms of prostate cancer are manifested. Testing will come next to figure out where the prostate symptoms are coming from. The earlier the prostate is diagnosed, the earlier treatment is carried out. Early diagnosis and treatment are always a decided advantage in cancer cases.

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