Changi Airport – Do I Really Need to Leave?

I could live at Changi Airport – it has it all. On a recent stop over between Vietnam to Melbourne I spent six hours in the airport transit lounge. Normally this length of time in an airport would drive me crazy. However, Changi is different – more like a futuristic space station found in science fiction movies. furniture store melbourne

For a start, there is free Internet and movies available throughout all the three terminals in the airport. Then there are the cafes, restaurants, bars, gyms, day hotel, spa, games, phone chargers, electronic stores, books, convenience stores, gardens and fish ponds – and that was only Terminal 1!

The gardens are differently themed in each terminal. Terminal 3 has an indoor Butterfly Garden containing rare and exotic butterflies and plants. In contrast, Terminal 2 has an outdoor Sunflower Garden with an impressive display of large plants and little walkways. Wandering around I forgot I was in an airport except for the rare loud speaker announcement about flight departures and boarding times.

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Even the toilets are rated on a basis of poor to excellent as soon as you use them. Electronic feedback is instantly recorded and sent to management. If there is a problem the attendant responsible is dispatched to check and fix the cause of distress. The result is bathrooms that are spotless, efficient and a pleasure to use.

I found it impossible to be bored at this airport as the constant electronic amusements, bookshops, exercise equipment, food, bars and shopping meant that the time passed quickly. The overall peaceful atmosphere belied the actual function of the airport, which is moving lots of people in, out and boarding flights.

Compare this to other major airports where Internet charges are ridiculous, there are few interesting shops and even less to amuse for one hour let alone six. Added to this are the constant departure calls for passengers gone astray. “Mr and Mrs so and so, please make your way immediately to the lounge number as your flight is fully boarded and ready for departure.” These calls are repeated endlessly for people obviously at the bar enjoying themselves and oblivious to inconveniencing fellow passengers. I’d get the pilot to take off and leave them behind – serve them right for holding everyone up.

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