Multiple Job Offers and Stalling For Time

Great News! You have multiple job offers all happening at once, or you will if you work at it. Even if you only have one job offer, keep reading. To get here, you have had to send countless resumes, make calls, get grilled during many interviews, and, most annoyingly, wait horrific amounts of time waiting for call backs after interviews.

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Unfortunately, despite having fought the good fight, victory is not yet yours, and the ball can still be dropped even after offers have arrived. It’s not common, but it does happen emprego viana do castelo. With this in mind, I’m going to share some basic strategies for this stage of the game, based on my years of experience as a recruiter.

The most important advice I can offer is to always act with enthusiasm. It’s important to treat every company making an offer as if it is your first choice. No one wants to think they are the second person you asked to the dance. Even if you have disclosed to a company that you are entertaining multiple offers as part of negotiation, every company should think they are your first choice.

Next, there is an old adage in business, “Time kills all deals.” Failure to respond to an offer in a reasonable time frame can result in those offers disappearing. Never assume that the company isn’t moving forward with other candidates while you are hesitating. It’s best to respond to an offer within a few days, even if you are trying to stall while waiting for another offer.

It is better to accept an offer and tell the company you can’t start for a few weeks than to let the offer hang for more than two days. While it is not ideal to accept an offer and rescind it before you start, it’s better than having the first offer pulled and the second never arriving. There is a weird double standard in our current business culture. Employees, and potential employees, are supposed to show loyalty, but companies are all about contingent planning and what is best for them. The most responsible course of action for you to take as a job seeker is to do everything possible to keep as many options available until the new position has started.

Finally, remember that everyone freaks out. Whether the person is a CEO or a salesperson, when the time comes to resign from the old position and move to the new one, everyone experiences panic. It’s just human nature. Don’t worry about it. Tell yourself ahead of time that it will hit and be ready. When it happens, just remember the series of actions and decisions that moved you to this point. All those decisions were made when there was no panic. Trust those decisions.

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