How to Stimulate The Prostate

I think the male anatomy is not given enough attention by the media. Unlike with women, we rarely see guides that help women please their men. It has always been the other way around. This article seeks to break the barriers and inform the public of one technique that will make any man shriek with delight… in a manly way of course. I present to you, how to stimulate prostate.

Alright, let’s determine what the prostate is, where it is and what it really does to a man’s body. This gland is part of the male reproductive system. It is a little larger than a regular walnut and is shaped like a chestnut. It is lodged between the bladder and the rectum. Also, it surrounds the urethra which is the passage that empties the bladder 송파스웨디시.

This little gland has a huge responsibility. It houses the alkaline component of the man’s semen. This alkaline is vital for reproduction. Naturally, a woman’s vagina is acidic. This acid-rich state of the vaginal walls kills the sperms. Hence, the sperms will not be able to reach the ovum. To counteract the acidity, the alkaline substance from the prostate neutralizes the wall.

Now that we are done with the introduction we may now delve into the perks of stimulating the prostate for your relationship. As important as trust, loyalty and companionship, sex is also a vital part of your romance. Love-making is an activity that allows the couples to know more about each other. Moreover, it is an opportunity to show your love and appreciation to your partner in a different manner.

You might not be aware but the degree of pleasure your partner experiences during love making can be much higher or lower compared to yours. I am not sure if there is a tool that measures it but sex should be both pleasurable to man and women. Hence, for women who are bewildered on how to please their man or you are running out of ideas, you just came to the right place.

Yes, the penis is very sensitive, as much as the ears and neck. However, there is another part of the male anatomy that has always been left unexplored. This is none other than the male prostate. I will then be your guide on how to stimulate prostate. There is nothing to be afraid of, this procedure is easy. It can be quite overwhelming at first, for you and your man, but practice makes it a lot easier and more pleasurable.

Stimulating the prostate can be the foreplay, the main part or even the finale of your love-making. Wherever it might be, it will surely make your man happy. The first thing that you need is to find a quality lubricant. This will ease your way to stimulating the prostate since it will be accessed via your man’s anus.

Just a reminder, since you will be massaging an internal gland, it is best to make sure that your hands are clean and your nails are trimmed. With long nails, there is a danger that bacteria under it can transfer to the gland. We would like to avoid diseases like prostitis or any a wound inside his rectum.

Apply and spread a pea-sized amount of lubricant into your middle finger. You may also opt to put a little bit of lubricant into his opening to ease the tension. It would be best to position in front of your partner. While he is standing, you may kneel in front of him and ask him to open his legs. Put your hand in between his legs and position you hand facing your. Then, gently insert your finger in his anus. A few centimeters from the opening, you can feel a bump. This signals that your finger is adjacent to his prostate.

To stimulate it, you may do a very gentle tap or massage it in a circular motion. While doing this, you may ask him if it feels good or he feels any pain. Being able to maintain eye contact during this activity will be very exciting to your partner. Eye contact allows you to communicate with your man and see for yourself if he is enjoying what you are doing. Also, it makes him feel that you are very much confident with what you are doing.

If your partner begins to feel that he would urinate, tell him that it is just natural. Since his prostate is near the urethra, the bladder is somehow affected by the stimulation that you are doing. Tell him to just relax and enjoy the sensation that he is feeling.

After a few minutes, your man would feel a release that is way better than the normal orgasm. This explosion is most probably new to him too. Just to inform you, this process frees his prostate of its contents. You might even notice that the liquid he released is greater than the usual. According to some people, this is the male counterpart of multiple orgasm. Yes, this would be blissfully intense.

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